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About Lautan Nusantara

We are pleased to introduce our company, PT. Depo Lautan Nusantara (DLN) as your partner to-be in delivering container depot services in Jakarta. With around 2.4 hectares of land capable of holding up to 5,800 TEUs, experienced crews, customerfirst mentality, and compliance to industry standards and practices, we are confident that we can provide the services you need according to or above your expectations

Depot Location

  • Distance from Cikampek to Depot Location:
    • Exit toll Pulo Gadung : 3.2 KM
    • Exit toll Cakung Timur : 2.2 KM
  • Distance from Tangerang to Depot Location:
    • Exit toll Pulo Gadung : 3.2 KM
  • Distance from Depot Lcoation to Cikampek:
    • Entrance toll Rorotan : 3.2 KM
    • Entrance toll Cakung-2 : 2.8 KM
  • Distance from Depot Location to Tangerang:
    • Entrance toll KBN : 2.2 KM

Company Background

PT Depo Lautan Nusantara (DLN) is a subsidiary of PT. Perusahaan Bongkar Muat Tri Mulia Baruna Perkasa (TMBP), a company founded by the same majority shareholder of PT Temas Lestari(Temas Line) – one of Indonesia’s biggest shipping lines.

DLN shareholders are TMBP and Mr. Sutikno Khusumo, with 70% and 30% share-ownership respectively.

Management Team


Director Mr Bambang Sakti

Overseas MBA educated. Professional Multi-industry experiences: seaport, strategy consulting, e-commerce, and telecommunication. Skilled problem solver, who identifies issues from multiple angles, incorporating quantitative & analytical techniques, and financial modelling. Multi-years of hands-on project management experience. Team player with strong leadership and equipped with excellent verbal and written communication. An ethical and trustworthy professional that nurtures high integrity working environment and strives for good governance. Co-led the development of transformation roadmap in Indonesia Port Corporation (IPC):

General Manager Operation

General Manager Mr Sutriono

25 years operation experience in leading container shipping company in Indonesia especially in the area of process improvement. Highly skilled professional in equipment/container supply management across the country to ensure reliable availability to support business. Focusing into high quality data in all aspects of container status update to provide solid track and tracking container information across services. Strong understanding in the industry and able to articulate operation reality to support commercial team in serving demanding customers

Operation Manager

Manager Operation Mr Yudo Pardianto

Extensive 15 years experience in Depo Operation Industry. Starting career in as Clerk in Container Depo to Managerial position. Leading big operation to serve demanding Global Shipping Line in Jakarta – Indonesia. Managing blue collar team member in significant number and 24/7 operation. Working with strong ethical behavior and high productive team. Safety is paramount : Do it safely or not at all! Executing excellent operation quality with solid cost awareness.


Container Handling


Cleaning and Washing

Maintenance and Repair

Truck Queue Area





PT. Depo Lautan Nusantara

Jalan Raya Cakung Clincing Km 2.5 No. 205 - 207, Cakung Barat, Jakarta Timur

021 - 460 6034

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